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        Strategic image: Customers'demand, our products; Customers'satisfaction, our fortune.Scope of enterprise: To solve packing problems of soft packs comprehensively, to develop respective production lines and to expand the domain of packing machines.
         Organization goal: To strengthen and enlarge Special Packing Machinery Company into a lasting organization. High benefit enterprise, high quality staff; elegant natural environment, harmonious personnel environment.
        Value philosophy of the organization: Pioneering and enterprising to business spirit: Any dream is business success, more success; faithful to the enterprise, faithful to the duty, faith is the lubricant of life.
        Innovation and aggression concept: To think actively, to learn hard, to be always surfer of the era.Efficiency and benefit concept: Benefit is the eternal topic; efficiency brings along benefit.
        To take people as base concept: When the objective of enterprise is realized, it is a shame of the enterprise if individual's objective isn't realized.
       Cooperated development concept: To divide the works definitely, to cooperate with concerted effort.
Criteria of behavior:
        External behavior criteria: Consider everything for customers, I am the customer. Self-confidence, self-improvement. Customers have new demands, I have new approaches. Sincerity and credit win the world.
        Internal behavior criteria: Cooperation criteriaRole criteria
                 Variation criteria
                 Efficiency criteria
        Slogan of action: Preciseness and actuality seeking, innovation and breakthrough.
        Management strategy: To solve various packing problems by using new technology and new methods. Looking for refinement but not completeness. To develop together with cooperative enterprises. To implement rapid growth by using annex and collaboration. To strive to form monopoly scale in the soft pack packing domain in 5 to 7 years.
        Motto : A man ,like a watch, is to be valued by his manner of doing.

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