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         Tianjin Special Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a joint-stock company which is registered with the Tianjin Air Port Industrial Park . We are very proud of our technical staff and our research engineers. Schools our staff attended include, Quinghua University, Harbin Industrial University Tianjin University and Tianjin Light Industry College. Our company has the ability for designing, developing and manufacturing unique and special packaging machinery. We are members of the China Packaging Technology Association.
        For several years we have been engaged in developing and researching high quality packaging machines. We have developed over 30 types of packaging machines. Our machines can seal a package on all four sides. We can pack granules, powder, sauce, tablets, wet napkins, alcohol swabs, toothpicks and other similar items. The packaged products are even and perfect due to the unique design of our patented machines. The process of measuring, filling, pack making, sealing, cutting, notching, printing and counting can be done automatically.

        We have been granted patents and other patents have been applied for. Some of our customers include, SanJiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Group, HaYao Group, HaCi Group, HongMei Monosodium Glutamate Group and LianHua Monosodium Glutamate Group. Our products have been sold in the international market, including, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. In 1998 our company was recognized as a 'China Advanced Packaging Company'.
        Our company has tremendous strengths in the areas of design, quality of workmanship and excellent service. We offer custom machines and modification upon request. We are very proud of our employees and the products we manufacture.
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